Pawn Loans in Pasadena

Three-Minute Approval Times

Our pawn loans are a great way to get started on paying off a purchase. We offer three-minute approval times, so there is no hassle in having to wait for an approval. The loan process does not require a credit check and covers a multitude of items available for purchase once the loan has been approved. All loans are made on collateral.

Specifically, some of the items you may pay off include:

  • Gold and diamond jewelry
  • Bikes
  • Musical instruments
  • Expensive electronics

Receiving a pawn loan from us could save you money up-front. The collateral loan works by our team making a loan value against your item. Once completed, you will have four months to recover the item or to receive an extension for another four months. Contact us at (626) 793-5404 to speak with our staff and learn about the pawn loan process.

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